Custom designs are our specialty... Small runs, one off's etc. are all achievable!

Get a full size photo, Back or Front.

Your design large or small front, back sleeve print. Got a squad, station, truck, workplace crew you want to represent? 

Go to and check out the colours in shirts and styles. They have the pricing for shirts and hoodies on there. 

For example, the Staple Tee is below. 

  • AU$26.00 for 1-3 items
  • AU$19.50 for 4-9 items
  • AU$15.60 for 10-49 items
  • AU$13.00 for 50+ items

Then due to doing Direct To Garment printing, i don't have a charge for multiple colours. So get as creative as you like. Mine goes on size not colours. 

Add the print to your cost. 

Large front or back print - A4 size $8.50, A3 size $10.80

Small front, back or sleeve (10cm square space) $5

For example, one Staple Tee, 

$26.00 for the shirt.

$5 for a front print and $8.50 for the back.

This will have you with a completely custom tee for $39.50. If you wanted 4 of them then they would be $33 each and so on. 

Make sure you have a 300 DPI or greater image. The image you give me is how it will come out. If you have a poor quality image and want it neatened up to where it'll look good then i have people I can speak to about that. 

Email me for further info