What Am I Doing...

Well, truth is, I don't really know. This isn't the scariest thing I have done, but its more nerve racking starting something new with no safety net, than it is looking down when you have a harness on.

I have been to the school of YouTube and learnt a  bunch of things about DTG (direct to garment) Printing. More things i have learned through trial and error. Seems there is no actual uni course in screen printing and DTG (I have however done a one day course in screen printing. Was very informative if you are interested in doing your own stuff at home. Nicole was lovely.).

What i do know however was that whilst i was in the army we always had team, crew, tour shirts. When I left and joined emergency services, I found there are plenty of people who have similar bonds. So i have started my own brand 'Blue Octopus Gear'. For like minded people. Where i can make things I like and share them with others. If you like them, great. If not, no big deal, happy to make a design you have come up with. 

Going forward I would like to make shirts to help raise money for members of the services to give a chop out to their mates who might be a little down for a period of time. I know lots of mates who don't like taking handouts from mates, but if you get a shirt and the profits go to a good cause everyone seems happy. 

I am happy to make whatever size order you have. There is likely plenty of times that screen printing will be faster and cheaper. But i have another contact who can help me with that and i am happy to source it for you. This isn't my full time job. So I am not out to undercut everyone else. I just enjoy seeing people have an Esprit De Corps for the crew they are attached to and screen printers generally won't have any interest in under 50 shirts, especially if you want more than two colours. 

Going forward, I will be branching into different items. I have very few flannels currently, just wanted to see interest. Beanies i have 5 of each colour and bomber jackets i have less. I have looked into pants, jackets, flannels, caps, beanies and patches. I have more designs and will be getting more stock for things as i make sales i will put it all back in to more designs and items. 

Along the way i think i will be doing limited edition runs, so i can get a whole bunch made when I have the time and then make a new design once they are all gone. 

So basically, i have no idea how far i will take this, whether i will do it full time, part time, get someone else to work for me or just disappear. But i will keep this blog posted as i have new ideas or have options brought to me to pass on. 

Likely blogs in the future will have a lot less rubbish and waffling on, they will probably actually have a point. But this is my first one and I am just learning the internet (passed the limit of how to use private browsing). So thanks for stopping by. 

When you find grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, shush. Or email me if your OCD is really hurting you. 

-Mad Dog.

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