My war with Instagram

So my first foray into social media as a business has been trying so far. There has been plenty of ups and downs. Really didn't think it'd be that hard. I mean for a platform made for kids to take selfies and put filters on their food, i assumed it would be simple. 

Perhaps it is. Maybe i have just reached a certain age which means i should have stayed offline. Now there is snapchat, tik tok, facebook. There is or was a thing called vine, youtube. Gary Vee is out there telling me to get onto everything or you won't get the young people's attention which means they won't be customers when they are older and that you won't be cool if you have instagram in like three weeks time so you are doomed. 

Meanwhile, here i am, three accounts set up and deleted later. Sent countless photos of myself to I think Mr Zuckerberg himself. With a new code he sends me each time. I'm sure he has these all on his wall. Just a bunch of over 35 year old dudes with super confused and angry looks on their faces. To be fair, I probably would find it amusing too. In that way watching someone miss a bus and losing it is amusing. If it's not you, it's funny. 

Anyway, post three accounts this one seems to be working ok. I also think i ruined my chances at having the original one and have been left looking like i thought i would sound cooler with a z in the title. @wingzoutindustries Maybe it was cooler in 1998 when i used to try sneak a z in like it was gangsta. Then that got blocked twice, which is weird, didn't think i had breached community standards, posted nudity or even said a cuss word. Just celebrated a week without a drama so that's great news. Gotta enjoy the little things. 

Positive note though. Memes. @officer_glazed has me laughing and wasting hours of my life. Have been in contact with my idol been great watching his s*&t clothing brand (his words) grow over the years and hope to see it grow further. Been speaking with half breed blades who are a new crew on the street and looking forward to seeing what they have in store. 

Been away for a week, so got slack on the instagram posting. Watching analytics and things (not really sure what they mean) but if you don't post anything, seems you don't exist. Have a lot more people check out my site now i have instagram. Seems i have gone from 1 visit every three days (thanks mum!) to sometimes more than one a day. 

Now i am back, i have ordered shirts and will be making the Burpees for Autism shirts, then i have some more for the always lovely Bossman at among some other individual ones that are always good to see people with a smile wearing. 

I'll stop rambling, 2am probably not the best time to be writing a blog. Usually night shift brain results in a pile of rubbish. I'm sure i'll have plenty of feedback on my grammar come end of the week. 

Gossip Boy xoxo 

P.S no, the photos don't seem to have any relevance to what i have been saying. But i like them. 

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