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My war with Instagram

Ramblings of an old person trying to use social media. There is definitely good reason for why I left it. As it is, since being back, I have lost productivity, increased sitting on my own in the dark laughing to myself whilst catching up on years of lost meme time. There has been some good as well. 

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What Am I Doing...

Well, truth is, I don't really know. This isn't the scariest thing I have done, but its more nerve racking starting something new with no safety net, than it is looking down when you have a harness on. I have been to the school of YouTube and learnt a  bunch of things about DTG (direct to garment) Printing. More things i have learned through trial and error. Seems there is no actual uni course in screen printing and DTG (I have however done a one day course in screen printing. Was very informative if you are interested in doing your own stuff at home. Nicole was lovely.). What i do know however was that whilst i was in the...

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